After exploding as an overnight global sensation as a “Real Life Cartoon Princess,” Sarah Ingle debuted as pop music’s newest emerging artist. Her breakout single “Start It Over” and subsequent “River” evolved Sarah from “Disney Princess to Pop Princess.”

Daughter to an airline pilot and piano teacher, Sarah grew up immersed in music, studying harp and piano since early elementary school. In third grade Sarah started as a professional child vocalist recording both choral and soloist work for children’s albums. Before finishing 7th grade, Sarah had completed six albums in both English and Spanish.


By 2014 Sarah found herself spending weekends singing and performing as fairytale princesses. She volunteered at hospitals, charity events, and even nursing homes and bringing the magic of musical fairytale princesses to anyone in need. Her striking resemblance to Disney cartoon princesses, shown on her Instagram, caught the eye of the media and turned her into an overnight sensation in February 2016. The media frenzy launched a series of online, print, and television stories around the world everywhere from E! News to Cosmopolitan and The New York Post to The Meredith Vieira Show.


The newfound fame connected Sarah with fans around the world, and suddenly her music reached new audiences. Sarah began posting short videos of her practicing singing and playing the piano on musical.ly, earning nearly a million likes or “hearts” shortly after joining. When fans began asking for more pop music, Sarah collaborated with music producer CRASH COVE to release new music, beginning with her debut pop singles “Start It Over” and “River.”